Monday, August 15, 2016

Public service announcement

Who: Between Trustee-1114 and all those who have ears to hear with, over the speaker system.
When:   On the Afternoon of August 12, 2016
Where:  At the Fairgrounds at Harbor, Oregon, Pirate-Festival-Bandstand furthest from the Fairgrounds-entrance.
Why:  WARNING via Public-Service-Announcement as Follows:
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, trustee 1114 here.  Reminding you to enjoy the Pirate-Festival,  responsibly, sure that you leave your Pirate-Costumes, your Pirate-Attitude and your Pirate-Actions at the fairgrounds.   Piracy is not a victimless-crime. I came  in search of the Real-Pirates and once I find them,  and round them up, I will strip them naked of their assets and toss them to the other-authorities. Thank you very much for your attention and enjoy your festival.

 For more information and syntax on the US code visit or Google: [PIRACY IS NOT A VICTIM-LESS CRIME]

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